Let me introduce you to a conundrum that has baffeled Christians for two Millennia, I refer to Chapter13 Book Of Revelation verse 18 in the Holy Bible. Specifically the meaning of 666. As you view this website you may be seeing history unfold before your eyes. The interpretation of 666 is contained in this website, The calculations in Melly's Equation were worked out on 5. 3. 1994. The date is on the top right- hand corner of the calculations.It is fitting that the early years of the 21st century are the benchmark for bringing this discovery to public attention.All the dates and numbers in the calculations can be independently verfied. Is this revealing the prelude to The Second Coming for which Christians have waited 2,000 years.I would encourage you to ponder the contents of this website and then come to your own conclusions.

Our Lady of Benada

Benada is a small rural community in the South County Sligo in the West of Ireland. It is the site of the ruin of an ancient abbey. The adjoining land was owned by the Jones family a Welsh Protestant family who settled in the area having acquired over 3,000 areas of land in Benada and the surrounding areas. The Jones family later converted to Roman Catholicism and the male and female members of the family entered the Catholic Religious Orders.

Following an unexpected inspirational boost I have decided to dwell on the matters relating to Benada, and a highly significant occurrence. In appreciation of the Jones family's assistance to the local population during the Irish Potato Famine of 1847 and in recognition of the family commitement to enter the religious life (see Sligo Heritage web page) Pope Pius IX gave to an Irish Jesuit priest Fr Daniel Jones (a descendent of Sir Roger Jones first High Sheriff of Sligo), a small statue of our lady as a present to his widowed mother during a visit by Fr Jones to Rome as the first provincial of the Irish Province of the Jesuits. The Pope indicated to Fr Jones that the statue 'was miraculous' and since it arrived in Benada in 1850, it has been held in special reverence by the people of the South Sligo area of Benada. On 11th September 2005 the statue was removed from Benada Abbey following the Abbeys closure, to the nearby church at Tourlestrane. See the addres given on that day, by local man Danny Jones, on the occasion of the installation of the statue of Our Lady of Benada in the church at Tourlestrane.

Predictions for 2014

I expect that there will be momentous events in the seven month period between April and October. There are a total of four eclipses in 2014, two of the rnoon, and two of the sun. There is an eclipse of the moon and the sun in April, and an eclipse of the moon and the sun in October.

The first eclipse of the moon this year is on April 15th. On the 29' April there is an eclipse of the sun MacSharry, The Antichrists seventy-sixth birthday. One hundred and sixty-two days later there is an eclipse of the moon on the eve of my birthday 9th October, the man who exposed him. I will be seventy-one years old.

The final eclipse of 2014 is an eclipse of the sun on October 23'. Many observers have predicted that 2014 will be a highly significant year, in relation to events of International significance. We are living in momentous times can the Irish people expect one last rattle from the busted flush that is MacSharry? Or will he be held to account for his crimes and undergo the full rigour of the law.

The pantomime season is now over and the sign on the door of the Planning Tribunal says "No Clapping" what it doesn't mention is "No Booing".

The lawyers have divided up the proceeds among themselves as the performance is now over. But hark what is that commotion that I hear. Why it is the "Fat Lady" making her way to the stage. N.B. The Irish Government set up a tribunal of enquiry to investigate suspected payments to Politicians in exchange for Planning favours.

The past 25 years

Those of us who were born during the Second World War are fully conscious of the amazing changes that have taken place in the world in the past 25 years.

From the fall of communism in Eastern Europe to the economic implosion in the Western World in the past few years. Hopefully a financial restructuring will take place that will result in a fairer deal for all. I believe that such changes were inevitable and the catalyst for the game changing effect of the change not only of the Centuries but of the millennia from the second to the third.

I believe that the kaleidoscopic type activity of the planets in the Heavens this summer (2014) heralds the revealing of The Antichrist.

I believe also that this revealing will be the catalyst that triggers significant change that will be for the betterment of all leading to major medical discoveries and scientific breakthroughs.

In order to confirm my findings I needed a sign; fee now got that sign. The sign is the eclipse of the sun and the eclipse of the moon later this year 2014.

Ray MacSharry

MacSharry is a former senior European Politician. He is now seventy-five years old and retired. He lives in Sligo Ireland where he was born. He negotiated the World Trade Agreement in Chicago in 1992. When he was in Irish Politics, he was a member of the Fianna Fail Political Party. All the dates and nurnbers in the Biblical Equation can be independently verified. The pertinent question is MacSharry the Biblical Antichrist?

As foretold in The Book A Revelation (Holy Bible) and by the French prophet Nostradamus. For further information on MacSharry see Who's Who, International Who's Who, International Yearbook and Statesman's Who's Who

On the face it appears unlikely that a man from an obscure west of Ireland backwater (MacSharry) with a limited education could feature on the world stage in relation to financial matters that had the potential to torpedo the world economy. However that is what appears to have happened. That scenario can arise when an unsophisticated political machine (known in Ireland as parish pump politics) can send a man to Brussels to participate in European Politics at the highest level it may have been a harbinger of things to come that MacSharry posed and preened himself on the New York stock exchange ( NYSE in 1999) For the floatation of Telecom Eireann (the Irish state telephone cornpany ) It appears to be no-coincidence that many hard pressed Irish investors were badly stung in the scam when they were encouraged by the Irish government to invest in shares in the company prior to floatation in expectation that the shares would lucratively increase in value for the investors who were mostly Irish Citizens. With MacSharry at the helm in Telecom Eireann at the time it may have been an Omen that the shares tanked due to the demonic disposition of the helmsman.

Nostradamus and his predictions on the emergence of The Antichrist

Nostradamus was a French prophet and healer who lived in the 16. century and had the patronage of the King of France. He wrote books and almanacs and a veritable industry has grown around his prophesys and the interpretation of his writings since his death in 1566. References to him today are widespread on the Internet. The 1965 book the Prophecies of Nostradamus 'The man who saw tomorrow' by Erika Cheetham (Published by Random House Corgi) vvas later made into a documentary film narrated by Orson Welles and distributed by Warner Bros. Erika Cheetham identified at least 3 features relating by the emergence of The Antichrist from her studies of Nostradamus writings.

He would emerge from the world of Politics- (Mac Sharry)

He would emerge from a group of 12 Countries (there were 12 countries in the EC now EU. When Mac Sharry negotiated the World Trade Agreement near Chicago in 1992.

The Antichrist would emerge in the 20 years between 1980 and 2000. Nostradamus identified 3 Antichrists the first was Napoleon, the second Hitler and the third is yet to come

From my calculations Mac Sharry is the one to whom 666 relates.

Mr MacSharry

Mr MacSharry is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of a third level Irish College. He appears to be Reticent about trumpeting his position possibly due to the fact that acceptance of the position was constituent of the Political patronage and nepotism which he continues to enjoy.

The College in question Institute of Technology, Sligo hasn't acknowledged Mr MacSharry controversial appointment as Chairman of the Board of Governors on its website until recently (2014) despite his three year tenure in the post, and actually attributed the position to another person. If you want to know who Mr MacSharrys fellow Governors at the College are: You can write to Ray MacSharry at:

Alcantara, Pearse Road, Sligo, Irish Republic

It may be an omen that there is a solar eclipse on April 29th, 2014 MacSharrys seventy-sixth birthday. My birthday is on October 9th 2014 it is a strange coincidence that there is a lunar eclipse the previous day.

A Remarkable series of numbers for 2014

29th of April MacSharry's 76th birthday (an eclipse of the sun that day) 135 (1+3+5=9) days later (11th September) the 9th anniversary of the transfer of the statue of Our Lady of Benada to Tourlestrane church a little over one mile from Benada Abbey on 11th September 2005. 27 (2+7=9) days after the anniversary of the transfer of the statue of Our Lady of Benada is the 8th October which is Our Lady of Benada's feast day and also notable for an eclipse of the moon taking place that day. So between 29th April and 8th October the sequence 999 comes up. The last notable occasion when a series of 9's came up was some years ago on the digital screens of the NYSE which heralded financial collapse not only on Wall Street but throughout the world.

The superstitious will see significance in the fact that in 2005 MacSharry was 67 years old. While this 2014 year there is a reversal of the digits he is 76 years old. The question now is are the Gardai (Irish Police) listening and if they are what do they propose to do?